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作者:安德里亚 Schmitt
在本学年结束前,你会按周数还是按天数? However 你 do this, soon 你'll need to pack up 你r room at 边境上大学. 也许你已经在整理自己的思绪了. 要保留什么? 带什么回家? 什么该扔掉,什么该送人? How 你 feel when t劳务ing about the end of the school year depends on what 你的未来 plan is. 你在加拿大只待了一年吗? 你九月会回来吗? 你是11年级还是12年级,这将是你在南卡的最后一年?
Whatever 你r situation is, 你'll have to say lots of goodbyes in a few weeks. Saying proper and good goodbyes is important for a 健康y transition into 你r next chapter. According to David Pollok, the author of the internationally renowned book 第三种文化孩子要做到这一点,一个好方法是建立一个RAFT. 这是一种可以应用于现在和将来任何转换的方法. 下面是它的工作原理:
这意味着原谅. 在你离开之前修复所有破裂的关系. 不要带着恶心的感觉离开. 它可能是走到和你打架的人面前,和他们说话. 如果你不想一个人做这件事,你可以和朋友一起做. You could say, "I am sorry we didn't talk much after X, but I wish 你 a good summer!当然,结果取决于对方的反应. But whatever their reaction is, 你 tried and closed this chapter for 你! You want to leave in peace and get 你r relationships straightened beforehand. This way, 你 avoid bad memories and extra baggage that 你 might otherwise carry with 你 for years.
We build and maintain friendships and relationships through positive affirmation. 在这种情况下, 它可能是给你最喜欢的老师写一封告别信, giving 你r roommate a special photo of the two of 你 or gifting 你r friend the red T-shirt they liked so much. 一句友好的话语和拥抱也很重要! 用这个, 你是在向他们展示你的朋友, 老师, 清洁人员…)谢谢, 你从他们身上学到了什么,他们对你意味着什么.
时间表 time to say goodbyes to 你r favourite friends, 老师, staff and other people (Ms.
X的婴儿), 地方(传统), animals (the teacher's dog) and possessions (the painting 你 are not taking with 你). 啊,还有你的房间! 这些都是小仪式,花费的时间比你想象的要长. 列一个清单,勾掉“再见”. 拥抱,哭泣,再拥抱!
T劳务 目的地
即使你还在用沉重的心的纸巾, 你需要现实地考虑你的目的地, 你的未来, 今年夏天. 你要去哪里?? 你父母的房子,你的祖国,一个新的国家? 你离开之前需要准备什么吗? 你需要组织什么? T劳务 目的地 also means planning some activities 你 will do during the summer. This can be visiting a friend, summer camp, movies 你 plan to watch or people 你 want to meet. While 你're still saying 你r goodbyes, looking ahead is equally important!
有了这个,你就有了建造你的第一个“木筏”的所有东西." I am not saying it will be easy, because 你 might feel sad, conflicted and strange. You may even t劳务 it might be easier to hide in 你r room for the next weeks and then just head home. But what 你 are doing here is intentionally closing the chapter 边境上大学 2022-23 for !
You can use this technique to say 你r goodbyes whenever 你 leave a place, 未来的国家或学校. 享受这些回忆吧!

安德里亚 Schmitt is a life coach specializing in teens and a former Stanstead parent (Jessica Lozano Schmitt 2018). 想了解更多关于她的服务 http://www.globalgirlcoach.com/ 或发邮件至andrea@globalgirlcoach.com.